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Working with Design Thinking in innovation, research and education

We are Nýlausn.

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Nýlausn is a word combination of the icelandic name of Ný=new  and lausn=solution and that is our core, focus finding new solutions and facilitating change.

Nýlausn is a Design Thinking driven company. Our focus is on local and international projects that focus on finding new solutions through innovation, research and education. We partner up with organizations, universities, SMEs, and public institutions and are part of their change into future innovation.  

We aim to be the place for everyone who is thinking about going on this fun and innovative road trip.

The Team

We are a great team that collectively has great knowledge of innovation research and education. With a vast network of specialists that we could add to the team if needed. Working with individuals, large and small companies as well as institutions to innovate, develop and identify future solutions.


Bryns S. Friðgeirsdóttir

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Hörður Sveinsson


Bryndís G. Björgvinsdóttir
Art by Bryndís


Our newest project

Nýlausn is participating in Mythic, were the goal is to develop the best available mycelium biocomposite, which can be used as a circular, biodegradable insulation material for the building sector. In recent research projects partners concluded that Mycelium biocomposites have a high potential to replace traditional fossil-based isolation materials,

Example of projects, research and collaborations that
our team members have participated in

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sími: 8962171     |

V24 ehf    kt: 590520-2170

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