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The Team

Who We Are


Bryndis S Friðgeirsdóttir 

Learning and innovation specialist

Has a strong background in institutional innovation with a focus on Education both on how to get students to learn innovation/entrepreneurial programs  and how school/teacher l can be more innovative in their approach and teaching methods.

Bryndis S  is an education expert for FAB LAB Reykjavik and is a specialist for FB vocational colleges

Has taken part in educational research project :


Erasmus plus 

Bio baist education 



Best practices in european Adult education

Hörður Sveinsson

Senior RD&I consultant

Has a background in commercial innovation and research projects. With a focus on user / customer focused innovation and business and risk management on research and development in innovation projects.

Hörður is a specialist for green innovation using mycelium in CoE BBE project

Has taken part in research and innovation project 



Wind and snow load recherch on temporary housing elements 



Business analysation on sustainable packaging factory in iceland 


Ræsing skagafjarðar  

Finalist in a innovation competition for skagafjörður municipality  



Research into the viability of industrialisation of mycelium as a material  


Bryndís G Björgvinsdóttir

Education and mixed art specialist

Has a background in education from primary school to university with focus on teaching innovation, design and creativity. With focus on the student and how to open creative blocks in students and foster innovation, design and creativity in students with different art and design mediums.

Bryndis G runs courses and workshops with in various educational institution  


Erasmus plus

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